Collection: The Shoreline Collection

This piece is released as a part of the Sift Ceramics Shoreline Collection. The Shoreline Collection is inspired by my upbringing in Coastal New England. I’d lived in Massachusetts my whole life, and moved to Colorado with my husband and daughter in order for my husband to pursue his Master’s Degree. I was excited to move, but unexpectedly felt a sense of loss and mourning from this big move—I missed my family, I missed the way things looked in New England, and I especially missed being by the sea. I missed the ocean, the colors of the coast, and I missed the smell of the open ocean air. I found myself in Colorado, remembering the colors of the Atlantic Coast, and saw them making their way into my ceramic work. This collection is made up of the colors of my upbringing, my home, my family, and my heart. They chose themselves through me out of a sense of longing, but also out of a sense of love and comfort and familiarity. I hope The Shoreline Collection brings a sense of comfort and beauty to your home.
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